Acclaim Community Outreach

Acclaim Community Outreach plans to launch its Literacy in Motion Reading program to serve youth ages 8 to 12 and adults ages 25 and up in 2017. The outreach proposes to do all it can to provide a solution to the growing literacy problem in Metro Detroit. Acclaim has received book donation through RDW Creations founder and entrepreneur, Ms. Rosey White. Ms. White conducted a book drive from January 2013 through May 2013 targeting 500 books which were donated to Acclaim Community Outreach to assist in the launch of the reading program. Visit her website at
The Detroit Literacy Coalition talked about literacy on a national level in which it stated the following: “The National Adult Literacy Survey (NALS) done in the 1990's (and endorsed by the National Assessment of Adult Literacy (NAAL) of 2003) found a total of 21-23 percent - or 40-44 million - of the 191 million American adults functioning at the lowest literacy level”. In addition, the site stated that there is a 47% functional illiteracy rate in Detroit alone; while Michigan as a whole has an 18% functional illiteracy rate.

Functional illiteracy is when the skills in reading and writing are insufficient for ordinary practical needs. Individuals fall short of the much needed reading, computation and writing skills that are useful for everyday life. The person may be able to read and hear words and have some understanding of the meaning of those words but are unable to properly comprehend the meaning of the sentence as a whole. The person may still be able to get by in life with minimal understanding. However, getting by is not enough! In order for a person to be 100% productive in society illiteracy problems must be addressed. Problems caused by functional illiteracy are:

  • Inability to obtain gainful employment

  • Failure to properly fill out employment applications

  • Increase in unemployment

  • Inability to read and comprehend pertinent information on prescription and medicine bottles

  • Lack of oversight in financial matters

  • Shame

  • Low self-esteem

A news report by the Huffington Post stated that 25% of Detroit's population dropped over the last decade and that half of the individuals that remained were functionally illiterate. Most having graduated from high school. This means that our school systems are just passing people through and wanting to take the time to serve the students in the capacity that's needed. Further, the Detroit Regional Workforce also cited the 47% illiteracy rate in Metro Detroit while also reporting the following: “Within the tri-county region, there are a number of municipalities with illiteracy rates rivaling Detroit: Southfield at 24%, Warren at 17%, Inkster at 34%, Pontiac at 34%.”

We hope that you will join us in support of this program.  Monetary donations are certainly needed and are welcomed.  Donations may be made on the donations page of this website, or mailed to P.O. Box 15299 Detroit, MI  48215.  News reports relevant to literacy may be accessed via links below.


Detroit Literacy Coalition (DLC) 2012