"Metro-Detroit's Finest Multi-Cultural Community Fellowship Event"

From May through October, Acclaim Community Outreach Services provides a performing arts community activity which features local independent musicians, inspirational artists, instrumentalists, vocalists, youth dance teams/groups, comedy acts, skits, mime, spoken word, poetry, rap & more. This event provides a vehicle of exposure for local talent within the Metro Detroit area, as well as artists from other cities and states. It also provides a positive monthly event that community residents have been looking for.

Most independent artists need more available opportunities to showcase their talent in the community and gain recognition for their artistic expression. Anointed Faces proposes to assist in this area by providing an outlet through which this may be accomplished by press releases, media attention through local radio stations and newspapers, websites and more.

Anointed Faces also exposes youth to the fundamentals of music, stage performances, artist development, sound engineering, music production, networking, and marketing. Other opportunities are also available through special concerts hosted by Anointed Faces. This event is open to all in the community and appeals to a variety of music lovers. Gospel music artists and worship dancers have participated locally and nationally. Visitors have also come from other countries. Below is a picture taken at our previous site of some friends who stopped by when they were on vacation in Canada. They were from France, and yet they heard about the coffee house while they were in Canada! What a wonderful opportunity! In addition, participants include women from the Positive Images non-profit program. The event began in 2004 and is still going strong.

Friends From France (Visiting in Canada)

Recording artists in the field of gospel music have participated such as Sounds of Imani, the late Jessie Coleman (saxophonist), The Whitfield Music Group, Kindred Nation, Unleavened, Rachanee, Spoken Word Artist Jamaar, Wayne State University Chorale, Keir The Poet, The Convictor, Emazin & Goodson, Rob J & J-Factor, Mary Wynn, 1-A-Chord from Atlanta, GA and many others. Youth and young adult artists such as Double G, Little Mike, Damien Bowden, a variety of youth worship dance groups, and local community youth have performed at Anointed Faces.