About Our Organization
Acclaim Community Outreach Services is a 501c3 nonprofit performing arts organization also providing a variety of community services serving the Metro Detroit community.  It continues to serve the Metro Detroit community at its  location on the west side of Detroit at 24650 W. McNichols Detroit, MI 48219 (please do not sent correspondence to this address).  (All correspondence should be sent to P.O. Box 15299 Detroit, MI   48215)
With a decline in performing arts and music in Detroit and other urban communities, Acclaim Outreach desires to offer a solution by hosting a variety of performing arts opportunities and music events.  The closing of many public schools in Detroit have occurred due to a decline in student population, mishandling of funds, and other budgetary issues.  The resolve always seems to be cuts in the areas of music, performing arts, as well as sports programs.  An article posted by The Huffington Post entitled "Rhythm and Bruse: How Cuts to Music and the Arts Hurt Kids and Communities" is a must read.  The article talks about the impact that these cuts have on music and the arts in our communities.
In addition, Acclaim Community Outreach provides a variety of life-changing programs and services to individuals and families throughout the Metro Detroit area.  Our organization collaborates and networks with other outreach organizations to facilitate the type of events and programs needed to encourage youth, families, and individuals to rise above their circumstances.

Economic conditions such as unemployment, housing crisis, unexpected changes in income valuation, educational challenges; human trafficking, violence & abuse, gang violence, family problems, youth peer pressure, drug & alcohol abuse are other issues that our communities face on a daily basis.  .

Current programs and services are:  
  • Community Music and Performing Arts Events
  • Prayze in the Park Community Outreach
  • Coffee House/Cafe Monthly Music Outreach
  • Prison/Correction Facility Music Event
  • Emergency Food Distribution Program (Funding has been received through United Way with Gleaners Community Foodbank as our fiduciary.  We are also a partner agency with Gleaners)
  • Clothing/Toiletries Giveaway
  • Annual Christmas Music Program for Shelter Residents & Community (Partner with Gifts for All God's Children Program)
Other programs keyed for expansion with acquisition of new facility:
  • Music Education/Training Scholarship
  • Computer/Technical Training
  • Job/Career Training Seminar 
  • Senior Citizen Outreach
  • Financial Management Seminar
  • Youth Scholarship Program
  • Strengthening Families Program
Our expectation is for the community we serve to have full assurance in the honesty and integrity of ACOS. Our organization welcomes all who desire to participate in our events, programs and services. If you would like to make a monetary donation to support Acclaim Community Outreach Services please go to our "Donations" page. If you desire to make in-kind donations and would like for us to pick them up, please contact us at (313) 308-5935.
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